Back-of-the-Envelope Problem Solving

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By David M. Williams, Ph.D. The Breakthrough Series Collaborative model is an improvement learning system that brings teams together to pursue a shared aim. Teams use an evidence-based change theory and improvement methods including the Plan, Do, Study, Act (PDSA) Cycle and time-series data (run charts and Shewhart Control Charts). In the Institute for Healthcare […]

New Article – Leading Quality Across a System

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The role of Chief Quality Officer (CQO) has emerged across North America and now globally over the last several years. No universal theory or professional development program existed to establish a foundation for the body of knowledge of what a CQO should include or how to lead quality across a complex health system. Dr. Williams […]

The Basic Improvement Toolkit

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As an improvement advisor in large scale improvement collaboratives, one of my responsibilities is to provide instruction on the theories and tools of improvement science. A key aim is to teach this content at a level appropriate for the audience and even more importantly enable people to turn around and apply the concepts to their own work. […]

Videos: Early Years Collaborative in Scotland – PDSA Testing & Measurement

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The Early Years Collaborative in Scotland aims to make Scotland the ‘best place to grow up’ by improving the outcomes of children from prenatal care through entry into primary school. This includes focus on prenatal care, health and wellness, childhood development, parental engagement, and improving the family environment. David M. Williams, Ph.D. (@DaveWilliamsATX) supports the […]

20 Day Challenge Day 19 – Lessons from First Day of School

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It’s the first day of school in Austin. It’s a big day in our house because our littlest is starting kindergarten and both children will be together at our neighborhood elementary school. The first day of school is always chaotic. Twice as many parents are on campus to see their little ones off, friends reunite […]

Edutopia – Designers Agreement

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 I like this. It’s called the Designer’s Agreement and I discovered it on a website called Edutopia that is sponsored by the George Lucus Educational Foundation. It includes information and great videos about applying design thinking to education improvement. Thanks to Sandy Speicher, Education Lead at IDEO for sharing the link. Designer’s Agreement 1. Everybody is a designer. We think of […]

ESO Wave 2011 – Data for Learning and Improvement

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More than a 100 people convened in Austin, TX at the Austin Convention Center for Wave 2011. Sponsored by ESO Solutions, a technology company developing solutions for emergency medical services organizations, Wave 2011 is a 2-day conference produced for its clients. It brings industry leaders and ESO’s deep pool of talented staff together to provide […]

Small Tests, Collaborative Learning, & Mr. Potato Head

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For the last few weeks, I have been testing an experiential exercise to quickly train large groups to use rapid cycle, small tests of change (i.e., PDSA cycles). The exercise involves teams learning through testing how to assemble a toy Mr. Potato Head. I modified the exercise after working with with Dr. Eric Dickson on the […]