Edutopia – Designers Agreement

in Education

 I like this. It’s called the Designer’s Agreement and I discovered it on a website called Edutopia that is sponsored by the George Lucus Educational Foundation. It includes information and great videos about applying design thinking to education improvement. Thanks to Sandy Speicher, Education Lead at IDEO for sharing the link.

Designer’s Agreement

1. Everybody is a designer.

We think of you that way. We’d like for you to believe it too.

2. Believe it’s possible.

Have an abundance mentality. Be optimistic. Believe the future will be better. Start with, “What if?” instead of “What’s wrong?”

3. Be open to trying and learning.

Consider an experience from beginning to end and then challenge yourself to help others feel what something new might really be like.

4. We’re all in this together.

Design is a team sport. Be inspired by your classmates and challenge yourself to contribute to and comment on each other’s projects and brainstorms. Be a contributing community member.