Videos: Early Years Collaborative in Scotland – PDSA Testing & Measurement

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The Early Years Collaborative in Scotland aims to make Scotland the ‘best place to grow up’ by improving the outcomes of children from prenatal care through entry into primary school. This includes focus on prenatal care, health and wellness, childhood development, parental engagement, and improving the family environment. David M. Williams, Ph.D. (@DaveWilliamsATX) supports the work on behalf of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement as faculty and improvement advisor to help teach the science of improvement, develop skills to apply improvement methods across the country, and support execution of the initiative. This week is learning session six in Glasgow, Scotland. You can catch the collaborative on twitter by following the hashtag #bestplacetogrowup.

Here is a video of Dr. Williams teaching a plenary on PDSA testing at learning session 5.

Here is another video of Dr. Williams’ plenary on Measurement for Improvement.

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