Coin Spin PDSA Exercise

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By David M. Williams, PhD Several years ago, I was facilitating an improvement learning session and planned to use an exercise to help the participants learn how to do proper PDSAs and track data over time in a run chart. Normally, I would use my Mr. Potato Head PDSA exercise, but I didn’t want to carry […]

Video: Building Capacity and Capability: The Really BIG Challenge!

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By David M. Williams, Ph.D. In 2017, I had the honor of sharing the stage with Dr. Amar Shaw, Chief Quality Officer at East London Foundation Trust. Dr Shaw is a consultant forensic psychologist and improvement advisor. Together we delivered a plenary talk on building improvement capability at the BMJ Institute for Healthcare Improvement International […]

Candy Exercise to Learn About Variation

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By David M. Williams, PhD Looking for easy ways to help your team understand variation and the difference between common cause and special cause. One exercise I enjoy using is counting candy. All you need is ten or more “fun size” packets of regular M&Ms and one to two “fun size” peanut M&Ms. Run charts can […]

What’s an Easy Way to Learn about PDSA Cycles?

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By David M. Williams, PhD Interview with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement. — If this was helpful, share and include me @DaveWilliamsATX. Sign up here to receive a monthly email from me that includes all my blog posts and other Improvement Science resources I think you’d appreciate.