Dr. Williams is a popular and engaging featured speaker at meetings and conferences around the globe. He’s known for inspiring active audience participation and making complex topics practical and tactical for participants to understand and activate. He helps leaders learn what it takes to create learning organizations and adopt quality as a leadership philosophy by building on core principles of the science of improvement include systems thinking, data for improvement, scientific problem-solving, and people and culture. He delivers a blend of original research, first-hand experience, published learnings, and best practices.

Example Plenary Topics

  • Leading Quality – How great organizations are designed for quality
  • Proper Shift – What makes leaders adopt continuous learning and improvement
  • Signal and Noise – Understanding and making the right choices with data
  • Systemness – Designing systems to do the right work
  • Learning Cultures – What a real learning organization looks like
  • By What Method? How a shared approach fuels collaborating for results

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