Client Profile – ESO Solutions, Austin, TX

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ESO Solutions is an Austin-based software as a service company serving the public safety community. The company started with an electronic medical record for ambulance service, but has grown to include fire service reporting, health data exchange, and a host of administrative data and reporting management solutions.

ESO Solutions grew rapidly in the ambulance EMR market due to a unique and scalable business structure, great support, and a product designed by people with frontline experience. Austin Ventures invested $4M to support the company’s growth. ESO knew one major next step was to develop a reporting system that didn’t just produce ad hoc reporting, but rather data displayed for learning (run charts) that enabled people to get to the heart of their process reliability issues with the support of evidence-based change ideas. DMWAustin and the design team are developing innovative interfaces to transform the reporting service into a essential leadership tool for improvement. The full service will roll out in 2013.