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In advance of the exercise, you will need to prepare the Mr. Potato Heads and print the required forms.

  • Hasbro Mr. Potato Head toy per each 4-8 people – The original Mr. Potato Head version is preferred, but other themed versions work too. The key is to have the same version for all teams. It’s better to use versions with multiple parts and not to remove any extra parts. Load the parts into the body storage compartment. In some versions the hat and feet will not fit in the body.
  • Timer – Any timing device that tracks in minutes and seconds works. Participant smart phones are often the best option.
  • PDSA Tracking Form – Use a PDSA tracking form to encourage participants to complete the full four part cycles and experience documenting their tests. It’s important to include prediction as part of the plan.
  • Run Chart Form to Measure Time– track time in seconds and plot data by hand.
  • Run Chart Form to Measure Accuracy – track accuracy score and plot data by hand
  • Image of Mr. Potato Head – A clearly visible image of the Mr. Potato Head version in use for the exercise to display the placement of the pieces that reflect an accuracy score of 3.

Handouts may be distributed at the start, but withhold the Mr. Potato Head kits until you are ready to begin.

IMG_2698 Jesse attacked by Potato Head IMG_2734