The exercise works best when participants receive clear instructions before beginning.

  • Roles: Instruct teams to decide on a tester and timekeeper.
  • Starting Set Up: Each PDSA cycle begins with a surface clear for spinning and a coin.
  • Measurement Definitions:
    • Time: Clock starts when tester begins the coin spin. Clock stops when the coin comes to a full stop on the surface.
  • Documentation: Each participant is instructed to track their team’s data on their own handouts. This includes the four phases of each PDSA and plotting the time data on the run charts.
  • Pacing: For each cycle, participants will make a “plan” to test a change idea and capture the time and accuracy scores predicted for the test. Tables may “do” their test and complete the “study” and “act” phases including documentation.
  • Optional: Have each team write their time scores on a slip of paper at the end of each test and submit to the facilitator. Enter the team data into a spreadsheet to track small multiples of all of the teams’ data for discussion at the end.