Innovative Model to Improve Medic Care Systems

in Health Care

Before I transitioned my practice to improvement advising many years ago, I worked as an expert consultant to the Ambulance Service industry. Primarily, that included auditing community EMS systems, writing detailed reports, and making recommendations on service improvement. Over time, this approach became unsatisfying because it focused on subject matter expert opinions and poorly leveraged the local knowledge of the system. It also did not integrate stakeholders like partners, community leaders, and patients in a meaningful way. I believe this is why the majority of consultant reports are never implemented and many leaders yearn for an alternative.

Over the last few years, I have been thinking about the models for improvement and engagement we advocate as we pursue patient safety and improvement and how they could be applied to an alternative approach to support communities wishing to enhance their EMS system. I’ve also been approached by industry leaders yearning for a way to improve and strengthen their local team to achieve measurable results. I believe we have designed a process to achieve the unique project goals of an EMS System. Our approach aims to achieve the following:

  • Involve key stakeholders in the design, oversight, and review of the project and its findings.
  • Use objective and statistically appropriate process and outcome data to understand the system and its opportunities for improving reliability and reducing variation.
  • Support and advise as data findings are understood and recommendations are co-created for enhancing the EMS system.
  • Strive for an inclusive, objective, transparent, and highly engaged process that blends evidence-based and best practice approaches with community’s local needs and aspirations.

We believe that we offer a unique approach to meet your goals. It’s no silver bullet and requires you to do a lot of work, but the aim is to co-create the results that matter to you and build your capacity to execute and improve. To learn more, contact us here to receive a free summary of our approach and how it compares to the traditional expert EMS model of consulting.