20 Day Challenge Day 20 – What I Learned

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On the first of August, I started a self-imposed 20 day blog challenge. My aim was to apply the 20 Day PDSA challenge I use with clients to learn about the process of blogging and how I can increase the quality of the content and the quantity of the postings. I also wanted to learn about aspects related to social media and analytics to see if posting it to Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+ created traffic to the website and encouraged people to share the posting with others.

Here are some basic stats from the challenge

  • Number of Posts 17
  • Success % = 85%
  • Greatest Number of Missed Days between Posts = 2

I also had data from various analytics like Facebook, ShareThis, and Google Analytics. I’m still digesting these, but I will say that posting on social media created a reach of hundreds of people and daily traffic to our website increased.

Commenting on content and sharing the content with others (Share, Retweet) was light. I also did not see huge increases in followers, likes, or new LinkedIn requests. I struggle with this because the reach data shows a lot of folks received the information and viewed it, but it didn’t cause people to interact or forward. Not sure what that says.

No one signed up for our Newsletter here when we shared it from the footer of blog posts or the website website. Interesting.

I did produce a lot of content. Some detailed and some light. Here’s a list of the blog roll for the challenge.

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What did I learn about my aim?

For me, producing daily content is not feasible or sustainable. Posts took from 30-60 minutes to produce, edit, and share. The three days I was unsuccessful at posting all involved days where I was on the road or had my kids with me and did not have the block of time to commit. I can see doing a post or two a week.

I worry doing too much content and flooding your contacts and friends with it may cause fatigue or annoy people. I want to produce enough content to keep people engaged and informed, but not strain anything.

The more days that passed, the easier it was to complete the task. Posts flowed and I figured out the process of posting and sharing; refining and tweaking as I went along.

It was helpful to have a list of ideas to potentially write about because it helped me pick a topic, but I also found I wanted to right about things that were important to me in the moment I was writing.

If interaction was any sign, people commented or shared more when the topic had a personal connection. I heard more about the posts related to my CrossFit workout or my children’s first day of school than purely work related topics.

When I had the time to post, I enjoyed contributing and sharing with my friends and contacts and felt positive about people reading them or looking at the website. I will plan a one to two posts a week strategy going forward.

Do you have a 20 day challenge you should try? Go for it.

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