20 Day Challenge Day 15 – Science of Improvement and the Weather

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Today, I am joining you from outside Nashville, TN. I flew here last night from Birmingham to join one of my Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) colleagues to teach for the Tennessee Hospital Association on the science of improvement.

We had an audience of 100 or so folks from across the state of Tennessee representing every major hospital system and the spectrum of hospitals from major urban medical systems to critical access facilities. Participants varied from frontline staff to quality directors and physicians. It was a great group and I enjoyed team-teaching them through sessions on developing aim statements, measurement, PDSA testing, change ideas, and creativity.

When we teach, we always ask people to complete an evaluation. I’ve been filling out evaluations for more than 20 years and have always felt they were a futile process for making change. That was until I began to work with IHI. At the end of a learning day, our standard work involves the entire faculty sitting around a table and reading every survey. We capture themes, write down questions for follow up, and take the feedback to heart; often redesigning the content for the following day. The same was true today. The feedback was very useful. And, my colleague Rebecca and I redesigned our strategy for tomorrow. I know tomorrow will be better than today, because it was designed for the benefit of the participants.

In a non-work related update. My mother-in-law Natalie Davis was scheduled to appear on the Fox Morning News show at the local affiliate in Birmingham, AL. She’s a political scientist at Birmingham Southern College and frequently comments on Alabama and national politics. On Friday mornings, the Fox affiliate has a fun practice of having little kids come on and do the weather report. Today, they made an exception and let my big girl Ella Veda (8 year old) do the Monday weather report. She was awesome and a natural. I particularly like that she did not say hello to her brother, but did to all of grandma’s friends. You can watch the great clip here.

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Tonight was a short update and quick post. Creating the post the night before and scheduling it to go live the day of delivery helped make sure the post was deployed. I still had to post it to the various social media feeds to make sure it was spread. I think there is a way to do it in a more automated fashion. Posts continue to generate added views to the website. I also find myself more open to pumping out a post everyday. I’m still only getting a few direct shares, retweets, or comments and would love to see more. Is it because you don’t think to do it….you just read….or is the content something no worthy enough to share? I welcome your thoughts.