Donate Yourself & Make a Big Differance

in Health Care

As a recovering paramedic and one who has worked as a caregiver, administrator, and advisor to health care organizations, I have a vested interest in improving health. A number of years ago, I explored how I wished to give back to my community, but there were so many worthy organizations and rewarding causes for which I could give my time or money. None offered as tangible a contribution as that of myself.

Since I first got my driver’s license, I have made sure I designated myself as an organ donor. When I renewed again this year, I made sure that my intentions are clear. The loss of life is tragic, but the idea that a single donor may help many people continue to contribute to the world just makes sense. I encourage all to learn more about being donor here.

January is National Volunteer Blood Donor Month. For several years now, I have been making a regular trip to the Central Texas Blood & Tissue Center to give blood as often am allowed. It’s easy, relatively painless, and free and you know you are making a difference with every pint. They make it easy to donate and there’s really no excuse. Look up opportunities in your area and sign up to become a regular.

There are a lot of ways to make a difference. You too can save lives.