The Deming Dive

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I’m a continuous student. I learn through doing and through reading about ideas presented from various perspectives. As part of my ongoing development in the science of improvement I have been selecting readings from the recommend reading list of my mentors  and friends at Associates in Process Improvement (API). You can find the complete list here.

In 2011, I set out to read and learn deeply about Dr. W. Edwards Deming. In addition to watching DVDs of his four-day workshop, I read the books written by him, by his many mentees, and even a fascinating book by his longtime assistant.  Along the journey, I discovered a ton about the man, the evolution of his theories and the value of his work. Reading about the System of Profound Knowledge, the Fourteen Points of Management, and the Seven Deadly Diseases from many authors, I encountered new understanding that helped shape my awareness of the science and aided me in teaching the theories and practices and in supporting my clients.

Learn more about the Deming books here.