How does Google’s Chromebook Change Us?

in Public Relations

Yesterday, at its developers conference, Google, Inc announced its next big move…the Google Chromebook…a computer designed solely as a gateway to the internet using the Google Operating System based on the Chrome browser. Turn it on, and it starts up in less than 10 seconds. Once on the internet (via a Wi-Fi connection or a built in 3G wireless connection), a single Google login takes you to all of your stuff living in “the cloud”: email, calendar, photos, documents, the web. For much less than a standard notebook, you can have a Samsung or Acer Chromebook, but free yourself of the traditional issues of owning a computer (e.g. hardware and software).

Does this introduction have the potential to change how we think about computing going forward? It might. Consider this…many companies (including Positive Eye Consulting), government entities, and educational institutions have switched from Microsoft Exchange and the Office Software to a suite of Google applications that provide similar and integrated software as a service (SaaS) at a lower price point and easier integration.

Now, our digital life can live safely and accessibly in the cloud regardless of where we are or what device we use to access it. Plus, imagine you spill coffee on the keyboard or leave it befind at airport security at LAX…no worries, you can get a new one or access everything from the cloud, barely skipping a beat.

So, will this change our lives tomorrow? Doubtful. But, like the iPhone and iPad introduced in the last few years, the Google Chromebook and Chrome OS may have a significant influence on changing how we think about computing in the very near future.