It’s Our Job

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It's Our Job
david m. williams (n.d.) on my iphone.
As a power traveler, I fly a lot. Based in Texas, I often default to Southwest Airlines as my primary partner in air transportation. There are a lot of reasons to love Southwest: on time performance, short turn times, consistent service, great employees, and no nonsense policies. 
On many occasions, I have been on flights where off duty employees (e.g., pilots & flight attendants) are being shuttled home or to a work assignment. In nearly every flight, I have been impressed to see employees jump out of their seats – in their civilian clothes – to help hand out peanuts and take drink orders. The picture above is actually a pilot pitching in. 
What does it say about a company and its workforce when it creates a culture where it is accepted and encouraged that everyone sees customer fulfillment as their responsibility; whether it's truly their shift or not? Most organizations could learn a lot from this single best practice.